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Conversion Optimization for SEM: SMX East 2015

The three SMX East 2015 presenters of “Conversion Optimization For SEM” explained how to get inside your visitors’ heads, and create online experiences that satisfy their needs and lead them seamlessly from search to conversion.

Live From SMX East 2015: Digital Advertising in the Modern Visual World

As the digital space becomes more and more visual, advertisers must adapt best design practices to ensure their message is being communicated effectively. In this session Matt Van Wagner, President of Find Me Faster, covered the essential elements of creating successful visual design.

Live from SMX East 2015: The Most Valuable Analytics Reports All SEOs Should Be Running

This session looked at the Google Analytics reports that are most useful to search marketers and how they can be tuned to reveal the most useful information to help improve the ROI of campaigns.

Essential Steps for Performing an Effective SEO Audit: SMX East 2015

The three SMX East 2015 presenters of “Essential Steps for Performing an Effective SEO Audit” explain the most important audit tactics and best practices for making sure your SEO efforts are having optimal impact on performance.

Protecting Your Brand from Online Fraud, Infringement & Other Emerging Threats: Live from SMX East 2015

Marketing Mojo’s own Tad Miller, Eric Berman, Counsel at Venable LLP, and Michael Steck, General Counsel at Avalaunch Media spoke about the importance of protecting your brand from online advertising threats this afternoon at SMX.

Live From SMX East 2015: Winning at Mobile PPC – Beyond MCommerce

In this SMX session on mobile PPC, the three speakers took a look at how search engines are evolving to meet the needs of mobile users and the different ways advertisers can tailor their campaigns to take advantage of mobile behaviors to drive e-commerce, in-store commerce, phone calls, and awareness. They also discuss how to effectively measure mobile performance and optimize mobile bids based on your marketing goals.

Getting Mobile Friendly to Survive the Next Mobilegeddon: SMX East 2015

The three SMX East 2015 presenters of “Getting Mobile Friendly To Survive The Next Mobilegeddon” explain what factors you must pay close attention to in order to be truly effective at mobile SEO.

The Growth of Direct Answers: How Should SEOs React? Live from SMX East 2015

Over the past year, Google and Bing have greatly increased the frequency of showing answers to search queries directly on SERPs. Need to reset your iPhone? There is no need to even click away from the search results, Google and Bing provide the answers right there. The three presenters of this SMX session took a deeper look at how the search engines are developing databases of knowledge and how they are often drawn from publisher websites.

PPC Campaign Tips, Tactics and Optimizations: SMX East 2015

On day one of SMX East, three presenters provide tips for optimizing the performance of your PPC campaigns.

Live from SMX East 2015: Keynote with Brad Bender from the Google Display Network

To kick off the second day of SMX East, Brad Bender, vice president of product management for the Google Display Network (GDN), talked with Search Engine Land editors Ginny Marvin and Danny Sullivan about the evolution of programmatic and how it continues to empower search marketers. The keynote conversation included three important announcements regarding new roll-outs to the Google Display Network.