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Live from UVA Social Media Conference: The “Wild West” of Social Media: Best Practices

<< by Alex Katzen on September 26th, 2013

Social Media Managers, Valerie Harness, Rob Seal, and Lauren McSwain-Starrett from University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, Office of Unversity Social Media Icons 1024x992 Live from UVA Social Media Conference: The “Wild West” of Social Media: Best PracticesCommunications, and Information Technology Services respectively, lead the final session of the UVA Social Media Conference: a round table discussion, entitled “Social Media Best Practices, Measurements and Strategy.”

When it comes to your social media strategy, consider these four points:

  • Untamed nature of social media
  • Finding your unique voice and leveraging the bigger conversation
  • Wrangling the social media account/page “herd”
  • Comment monitoring, moderation and policy

Things pop up organically, so it’s important to start off with all the necessary tools and continue an open form of communication within the brand so that it will reflect in social media.

When it comes to your Content Strategy:

  • Know the basics: who, what, where, when, why & how
    • Create a social media checklist and implement a social media posting plan
    • Only select the profiles that work for your brand
    • Make sure you understand  your brand, audience, goals, measurements and responsibilities to properly gauge your social media strategy before beginning the campaign
    • Reserve account names/ handles ahead of time
    • Content machine: Learn to curate and create
      • Content source doesn’t matter to fans, it’s all about what’s engaging
      • Consider the type of post, post frequency, platform for the post, and content provider
      • Use editorial calendars for posts
      • Deciding what to post: Eat your vegetables v cat memes
        • Know when to post fun things and when news items are ideal
        • Use tools like HootSuite to help with posts

Even with a great strategy, crises happen so build a communication plan beforehand rather than having to deal with the aftermath.

Stay ahead with the best practices of social media!

photo 1024x768 Live from UVA Social Media Conference: The “Wild West” of Social Media: Best Practices

Live from UVA Social Media Conference: Keynote with Ron Secrist of Capital One

<< by Alex Katzen on September 26th, 2013

BVGmNqkCEAAuFPG Live from UVA Social Media Conference: Keynote with Ron Secrist of Capital One

Today I’m attending the Social Media Conference at the University of Virginia. Go Hoos!

The conference aims to address some of the challenges faced by faculty and staff at higher education institutions when it comes to social media.

Ron Secrist’s keynote on Social Media kicked off the conference, covering why social media matters, the trends, and where it’s all going. As the Senior Director of Mobile and Emerging Channels at Capital One, Ron knows social media. Here are his three goals for a successful social media plan:

  1. Set clear objectives
  2. Get to know your audience
  3. Start small and fail fast; ask for ratings and reviews

Social media has allowed individuals and businesses to express themselves digitally in a way that’s never been done before. Brands can take advantage of this by marketing to individuals in a whole new, more personalized way.

People are addicted to that instant gratification of knowing things; the statistics are proof:

  • 1.5 Billion users on Facebook
  • 3000 tweets are sent per second, Over 250 million per day
  • LinkedIn grew its revenue by 94% over the last year
  • Pinterest became the fastest site to reach 10 million unique users
  • 78% of Facebook users access the platform on their mobile device

Direct and unfiltered feedback is the gift we are given with the emergence of social media. Brands can use this to improve their social media campaigns and to create that unique and special conversation that occurs in real time, at a fun event, like a party.

Ron also touched on the importance of understanding the social media trends to keep up with:

  • Crowdsourcing/crowdfunding: Wisdom of the crowds
  • Mobile: social on the Go!
  • Feedback/service: customer service for the future
  • Video: fun and useful

Ron Secrist is the Senior Director of Mobile and Emerging channels at Capital One. Feel free to tweet him @rsecristjr or comment below!

Check out the #UVAsocial hashtag on Twitter to follow along with the conference today, or follow me at @alex_katzen!

Hello Failure My Old Friend: The Way of the Optimizer

<< by Tad Miller on September 25th, 2013

Admittedly, I drive my wife absolutely crazy.  I’ve carried my work habits home to my domestic life.  I like to say that I am not a “Plan A” type of guy.  Whereas she is absolutely a “this is ‘The Plan’ and I don’t care if I have to personally force the world go with my plan and make it bend to my personal will – it’s going to happen that way” type of person…which almost always works because her knowledge and instincts are dead-on right.  But essentially, we don’t approach things the same way.

Early on in my professional life I started out as a high school social studies teacher and basketball coach.  I put meticulous planning into my lesson, practice and game plans.  I quickly discovered that whenever you are dealing with kids, that a monkey wrench can quickly be thrown into the way you “planned to do it” – which can completely derail your success.  I kept finding myself making contingency plans in advance (Plan B, C & D) and then just rolling with what works best.

why you should do sqrs 12 Hello Failure My Old Friend: The Way of the Optimizer

I also discovered in coaching, that I was really pretty good at making adjustments on the fly with strategy.  I could find the opposing team’s weakness, figure out a plan to exploit it and implement it.  I was especially good at doing this after the first quarter of games. Sometimes these tactics lead to slow starts that don’t pan out so successfully early on.  But it’s not like I’m a boxer getting knocked out in the first round.

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LinkedIn Ads for B2B Advertising: The Smart Choice

<< by Scott Garrett on September 24th, 2013

LinkedIn is becoming the ideal pay-per-click platform (PPC) for business to business (B2B) advertising. The targeting options currently offered by LinkedIn truly help set it apart from other platforms such as Google, Bing, and Facebook. Google and Bing currently offer no way of concretely targeting users in niche business fields and industries like LinkedIn does. And while Facebook does have extensive targeting features based on users’ profiles and social interactions, it is still lacking the strong job-related targeting features in which LinkedIn excels. Therefore, it is no surprise that the platform that was built for career networking and resume building would be the clear choice in B2B advertising. Now that you have chosen LinkedIn for you PPC B2B advertising, how will you reach the right audience and convey the correct message to them?

2 LinkedIn Ads for B2B Advertising: The Smart Choice

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Mojo Week in Marketing: September 13, 2013

<< by Alex Katzen on September 13th, 2013

This week I’m covering major news in PR, social media, and B2B marketing. Let’s jump in because there was a lot going on this week:


Social Media

B2B Marketing

What do you think? Feel free to comment below or tweet us!

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