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When it comes to Search, Best of Breed beats One Throat to Choke

<< by Tad Miller on December 17th, 2012

mazda wpp one throat to choke When it comes to Search, Best of Breed beats One Throat to ChokeConfession:    I’ve been writing this blog post since April, 2012.  I’ve truly hesitated to publicly say these words.  I lost my biggest client, that I had for 6 years this year.  I made this client wildly successful to the tune of many millions of dollars a year in revenues attributable from natural and paid search.  I lost that client because they got fed up with dealing with multiple agencies for Branding, Print, TV, Display, Web Design, Digital Creative, Web Development, E-mail, SEO and PPC.  I’ve also lost another client that is a major national brand to the Digital Agency of Record model in the last week.  2012 has been the year of getting our butt kicked by the Bundled Services Agency of Record model for big brand clients. In both situations the direct contacts we worked with were completely against our elimination from their accounts, but their superiors forced them to let us go. I’m not a sour-grapes kind of guy and I wanted to make sure my emotions weren’t clouding my judgement if I put this out for the world to see.  Time and sore feelings are put aside and this is how I see the situation.

One Throat To Choke

The “One Throat to Choke” philosophy seems to be born (at least from what I can see online) from debate in the IT industry.  The philosophy suggests that you get all your technology and vendor support from or through a single vendor so that you have one vendor to appeal to when you have issues.   When something goes wrong you supposedly have “one throat to choke” to resolve the problem.

With the advent of the digital age, there are apparently 3 models mostly being employed by marketers with their agencies:

The first model is one in which a client selects one lead entity — at either the holding company or agency level — and grants it the power to oversee all marketing efforts and partners. The second model is one in which the client itself assumes that leadership role. And the third model is one in which a client hires a slew of agencies and tells them to go collaborate.

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#SMX – Google+ Is Not Going Anywhere

<< by Sarah Lokitis on December 6th, 2012

googleplus #SMX   Google+ Is Not Going AnywhereIt’s been about a year and a half now since Google+ got started. Today, I’m attending the panel Getting ahead with Google+ to learn about search and brand implications, as well as the sense of community that Google can develop.

Adam Audette, President of RKG, kicked off this session with a story about a magical world called Google Land. Google Land was a happy land of wonder. Google focused on search and they were good at search. Then, along came an evil wizard called Mark. This dark sorcerer came to Google Land to steal the dragon’s fire. Mark was from Facebook. Do you follow?

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Blow Me Away Blogging – Insights from #SMX

<< by Sarah Lokitis on December 5th, 2012

It’s time for Blow Me Away Blogging! I’m listening to arguments for blogging, so I guess it’s fitting that I am blogging this session. I’ll jump right in:

Jennifer Evans Cario

Jennifer Evans Cario says that we may be tempted with Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and leave our blog behind. But we have one brand and many homes – don’t just focus on one. For instance, if we spend all our time on Twitter and it dies tomorrow, we have nothing. We need channels to support our website and our blog marketing channels. Social media is a channel, not a destination. Use social to entice them and then get them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Why did we get started with social media in the first place? Social media delivers traffic and links. This is the connection and tie for SEO and social, so you can’t ignore this. From that, social media delivers conversions, registrations, leads, whatever your desired action is. Social media can deliver credibility.

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Decoding Facebook Advertising – Live from #SMX

<< by Sarah Lokitis on December 5th, 2012

I’m in Vegas! So far I haven’t had any Hangover, the movie experiences, but there is still time…. Just kidding! I’m attending Search Marketing Expo: Social Media Marketing. I just checked in, got some coffee, and now am ready to get started.

This session is called “Decoding Facebook Ads: Strategies & Tactics for the New Ad Environment” and I thought this was a perfect follow up to Michelle’s Facebook advertising blog post from last week. Greg Finn is moderating this session with 5 (!!) speakers. I have a feeling each presentation is going to be jam packed with information because they have less time to speak. The speakers are Addie Conner - SocialCode, Zvika Goldstein - Kenshoo, Nate Luman – Zappos, Merry Morud – aimClear, and Christina Park – TriggIt.

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Live from OMS: Avoid the Top 10 Conversion Optimization Mistakes

<< by Janet Driscoll Miller on October 23rd, 2012

thumb photoKiBiGU Live from OMS: Avoid the Top 10 Conversion Optimization MistakesFollowing my session today on retargeting was Chris Goward featuring the top ten conversion optimization mistakes. This is fresh stuff from Chris — he added many new points just last night!

Chris started with a sample from The goal was to lift ecommerce sales with their product page template. The test involved simply swapping the right and left columns, with image on left v. right. Variation B won with a 22.8% sales lift — which was surprising to the room because the image was on the left.

Now, the top ten mistakes!

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