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Online Marketing for the Product People Don’t Know They Need…Yet

<< by Tad Miller on August 20th, 2012

In our complex high tech world new products and services are constantly being developed to solve the problems of life and business.  Frequently the solutions are so new and innovative that people don’t even know they exist.  As an online marketer you have to figure out ways to use online channels to get the world knowing that you have solutions and then seal the deal with a sale.

We’ve worked for lots of companies that sell products that the world doesn’t know they need yet and we have found 8 tactics that can help companies maximize online visibility and thereby make sales.

1. Focus Site Content on the Problem That the Product or Service Solves.  You can have a page devoted to all of problems your product or service solves, but it’s in your interest from an SEO perspective to devote individual pages detailing each exact problem and the exact solution you provide.

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The Olympics and Social Media

<< by Sarah Lokitis on August 13th, 2012

London Olympic Games 2012 The Olympics and Social MediaU-S-A! U-S-A! The U.S. swam, jumped, ran, dived, flipped, skip hop jumped, and volleyed away with the most overall medals in the 2012 Olympics in London, England. But now that the Olympics wrapped up last night, I don’t know what I’m supposed to watch tonight! (Actually, I plan on watching Shark Week!!)

The best I can do is reflect on how the games went in terms of social media as this was the world’s largest social media sporting event. It was a “conversational” Olympic games, according to Guidelines were made and broken. Social media growth for athletes and fans was recorded and tracked.

The International Olympic Committee set up IOC Social Media, Blogging and Internet Guidelines (Guidelines) for participants and other accredited persons at the London Olympic Games that encourage the use of social media, but with limits to how social media may be used. The social media used could not be for commercial or advertising purposes and must be in first person in a non-journalist style. The athletes could not comment on competition or include audio/images from events at the Olympics Venues. It was great to see how much social media engagement occurred and how the athletes were able to grow their fan bases as they competed and won medals. You probably agree with me, though, that tape delay and social sharing did negatively impact several events as the outcomes were already publicized, but overall it was amazing to see how much social use occurred during these games. 

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SEO + Google+ = Total SERP Domination Webinar

<< by Cady Condyles on March 27th, 2012

googleplus SEO + Google+ = Total SERP Domination WebinarHave you ever wondered about the combined power of 2 great forces? Like Superman & Batman?  Or King Kong and Godzilla?  Maybe that’s a stretch, but what about the combined strength of 2 powerful online marketing weapons, like Google+ and SEO?  Then this webinar is for you!

SEO + Google+ = Total SERP Domination Webinar
April 5th, 2012
2 p.m. ET

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Google+ has over 90 million users and is continuing to grow, despite some controversy about how much time users spend on the site. Google+ may not be challenging Facebook for market share in the social realm, but it is a very important site for marketers – particularly since the launch of Google’s Search Plus Your World. These personalized search results prioritize Google+ posts and links based on your circles and network; greatly impacting the organic search results for each Google+ user. Search Mojo Experts will go over the latest news about Google+ and how it impacts your SEO efforts in our upcoming webinar, SEO + Google+ = Total SERP Domination, on Thursday April 5th at 2 p.m. ET.

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Twitter Enhanced Profile Pages

<< by Sarah Lokitis on February 24th, 2012

The online world is constantly changing, aiming to provide the best user experience. In late 2011, Twitter started rolling out a new design layout with improved functionality to users. The changes included an updated interface with a streamlined way to follow and share conversations.

Following the new design launch, Twitter released Enhanced Profile Pages to a select group of advertisers to create a more customized brand appearance. Enhanced Profile Pages allow the account holder to add a banner to the “header” of its profile page and to anchor a tweet above its regular stream of tweets. The static tweet will be open by default so that any video or photo included with the tweet displays automatically, without needing to click. This tweet is labeled, “Promoted by [Twitter account]” and the tweets beneath that tweet will continue to update as usual.

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Free Webinar: Online Reputation Management: Protecting Your Brand in the Internet Age

<< by Cady Condyles on February 22nd, 2012

Free Webinar Next Week: orm guy smushed Free Webinar: Online Reputation Management: Protecting Your Brand in the Internet Age
Online Reputation Management – Protecting Your Brand in the Internet Age
When: Thursday, March 1st at 2p.m. ET
Presenter: Janet Driscoll Miller, CEO & President of Search Mojo
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As the reach of the internet continues to rapidly grow, particularly with the frequency and reach of updates through social media sites, online reputation management is becoming a bigger concern for brands and individuals alike. The internet seems to never forget and only compiles more and more information about users and companies, both positive and negative. But what if there were ways to manage how negative reviews, bad press, or a scandal was perpetuated within the search results pages? Search Mojo will review the importance of proactive reputation management in our upcoming webinar, Online Reputation Management – Protecting Your Brand in the Internet Age, on March 1, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. ET.

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