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Wait, it’s Christmas already? For ecommerce marketers it is…

<< by Kari Rippetoe on July 24th, 2013

ecommerce Wait, its Christmas already? For ecommerce marketers it is...Yes, it’s that time again. The most wonderful time of the year…at least if you’re in retail and/or ecommerce. It’s the proverbial “Christmas in July,” when Santa’s elves begin planning for the biggest shopping season of the year, including the two biggest shopping days of the year for both brick & mortar stores and ecommerce websites: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you’re a marketer in the retail industry and/or for an ecommerce website, then I don’t need to convince you that starting your holiday marketing strategy planning now isn’t an option – it’s a requirement. In order to get a leg up on your competitors and get a piece of the shopping mayhem that ensues post-Thanksgiving (and, let’s not kid ourselves, as early as the day after Halloween), you need to plan everything from product offerings, advertising tactics and media buys to ad creative, website updates and cross-channel strategies…and much, much more. But there may be some opportunities to get in front of consumers and stay top-of-mind during the holiday season that you may not have considered before.

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Mojo Minute: Social Media Lead Generation with Sarah Lokitis

<< by Kari Rippetoe on June 26th, 2013

lead gen Mojo Minute: Social Media Lead Generation with Sarah LokitisMany marketers might think that social media is not the most effective tactic for lead generation. In fact, social media can actually be a big contributor to lead generation efforts, especially with the targeting power of social media advertising through LinkedIn, Facebook, and now Twitter. Here are some compelling stats that show how social media is working when it comes to acquiring new customers:

  • 43% of marketers have gained a new customer from LinkedIn in 2013. (Hubspot)
  • 52% of marketers have generated a lead from Facebook in 2013. (Hubspot)
  • 55% of marketers have closed deals from social media leads, with Facebook being the most successful for B2C brands, and LinkedIn (naturally) working the best for B2B companies. (Webmarketing123)
  • 45% of marketers report below-average costs-per-lead for social media, making it one of the least expensive lead generation tactics for inbound marketing.

In this week’s Mojo Minute, Search Mojo’s Social Media Manager, Sarah Lokitis, gives a preview of what she’ll be discussing during the upcoming webinar, Unlocking the Lead Generation Potential of Search and Social Media. Specifically, she’ll be offering advice on how to use social media effectively for generating more leads.

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The Case of the Stolen Hashtag: Facebook and the Convergence of Social Networking Sites

<< by Michelle Doty on June 18th, 2013

good artists copy great artists steal The Case of the Stolen Hashtag: Facebook and the Convergence of Social Networking SitesAs you may have noticed, Facebook introduced clickable hashtags last week—a feature   that Twitter can be credited with popularizing, but one that has now become standard fare on nearly every social networking site, new and established—from Instagram to  Google+ – making Facebook quite late to the #party. Hashtags were originally used to help users find tweets concerning topics they were interested in, but they’ve moved on from that original purpose to become a cultural phenomenon, often used to convey irony. They’re still useful for grouping tweets, or discovering tweets from conferences or events, or following real-time news, but  they’ve arguably lost their original sheen. Even so, personally, I was happy to see the hashtag finally adopted by Facebook; my friends were already using them incessantly, why not make them clickable, searchable, and at least a little bit useful?

From the mouth of Facebook itself, “Hashtags are a first step in surfacing relevant and important public conversations.  Over time our goal is to build out additional functionality for marketers, including trending hashtags and new insights, so that you can better understand how hashtags fit into your overall Facebook advertising strategies and drive your business objectives.”

As with most of Facebook’s decisions these days, hashtags are yet another feature to make marketers happy, allowing for a potentially very effective way to target audiences in real-time, in addition to the already long list of targeting options available. While Facebook hasn’t announced any new ad features tied to hashtags just yet, you can be sure they will. If hashtags catch on, they have the potential to be that missing piece of the puzzle that Facebook has been waiting for to better understand its users. It has such a vast amount of information that users willingly divulge in their status updates, but even the most finely tuned algorithms (which Facebook’s Graph Search definitely does not seem to possess), can’t always discern what people are telling it. Think about all of the misspellings, the one or two word cryptic statuses that only those closest to the people sharing can understand, “Done.” If people began adding hashtags, along with Facebook’s emojis to express sentiment, Facebook would have a wealth of data that no other network possesses.

There’s a lot that remains to be seen before we can really start to assess the real value of this addition from both a user experience and marketing perspective. There’s a lot of potential, but it all depends on whether people choose to use these new features in ways that Facebook hopes—real-time news sharing for example—or, if instead, they decide to finally leave Facebook for other networks that haven’t become quite as commercialized, like myriad studies have shown teens are wont to do.

The problem with this feature-stealing, or copying—I’m not sure how to classify it exactly—is simply that the competing social networks are gradually becoming clones of one another.  With that said, this ‘borrowing’ of features across social networking sites is nothing new. Google+’s Plus One (+1) is the equivalent of a Facebook Like, Facebook’s ‘subscribe’ is the equivalent of a Twitter ‘follow,’ Google+’s new layout is strikingly similar to Pinterest, and Facebook’s Instagram is likely introducing videos on Thursday, blatantly borrowing from Vine… nothing new is actually all that new. With every change each site makes, it’s getting harder and harder to differentiate, and soon there may be little to tell them apart from one another other than their brand names—a Coke versus Pepsi dilemma.

soda wars coca cola pepsi The Case of the Stolen Hashtag: Facebook and the Convergence of Social Networking Sites

This isn’t actually a problem, it just means that marketers will have to become even more finely attuned to where their audience is actually participating online. Are they still using Facebook, or are they primarily on Instagram or Vine or Pinterest? There’s nothing truly new here, but the addition of the Facebook hashtag seemed like a great opportunity to drive home the fact that brands need to shy away from a Twitter-strategy or a Facebook-strategy and instead focus on the larger social media strategy, as it relates to the even larger marketing strategy—public relations, SEO, paid media, word-of-mouth, etc. Social media is just one part, and since these networks are changing daily to mirror one another, we all should be focused on the bigger picture, and stop chasing the one golden network.

SMX Advanced 2013 Live Blogging Roundup

<< by Kari Rippetoe on June 13th, 2013

smx adv seattle SMX Advanced 2013 Live Blogging RoundupSMX Advanced took place this week in Seattle, and our own Janet Driscoll Miller and Amanda Sides were there live blogging the flurry of tips and tricks, new tactics, best practices, and announcements that search marketers have come to love and expect from the SMX conferences. We’ve put together a roundup of all of Janet’s and Amanda’s posts from SMX Advanced so you can catch up on anything you missed – whether you were able to attend, or watched from the Twitter sidelines. Plus, we’ve included a link to Janet’s own SMX Advanced presentation on Authorship. Enjoy!

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Live from SMX Advanced: What’s Hot with Paid Social

<< by Janet Driscoll Miller on June 12th, 2013

What is paid social? Why is it a good option for marketers and what are the options available? This panel featured Jeffrey Jewett of Optify, Jennifer Wong of HasOffers, Marty Weintraub of Aimclear, and Adam Berke of AdRoll who answered those questions.

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