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How to Add the Facebook Share Button to WordPress

<< by Janet Driscoll Miller on October 20th, 2010

facebooklogo1 How to Add the Facebook Share Button to WordPressWe recently redesigned the Search Marketing Sage blog, and with that redesign we wanted to add more content sharing options, like Facebook, to the blog. The Facebook Share button is a handy way to help readers share links to your content quickly and easily, but set up might not be a straightforward as you think.

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Live From SMX East: Search, PR and Reputation Management

<< by Evan Levy on October 5th, 2010

The last session of the day is titled Search, PR, and Reputation.  Speakers for this session included Todd FiresenKristjan Mar Jauksson, and Max Thomas.  Some of the most important messages from the session are below.

Big question: is social the new search?  The panel feels, “yeah, it kinda is.”

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The Search Mojo Summer Internship Sun Sets

<< by Stephanie Nguyen on August 13th, 2010

Elephant The Search Mojo Summer Internship Sun Sets

10 weeks later as the summer internship sun sets today, I guess you could say I’ve not only building links, but breathing them.

The more a site branches out with a link, whether it’s on a blog, Twitter, or a link directory, the more visitors and popularity it will gain. This was just one of many cardinal rules that I picked up in the intricate SEO world I stepped into. So, yes Sir. I definitely learned gained some valuable tools as an SEO intern here at Search Mojo… let the countdown recap begin!

5 minutes into the internship I was figuratively slammed in the face with a slew of acronyms that made me think I stepped into a foreign language institute. Um. Someone please call Rosetta Stone for SEO apparently we are way past Generation Y. From this experience, I say: Learn as much key information about  SEO, PPC, and search engines as possible. Mine the web. For you starters in this field, you’ve stepped into another world and need to assimilate. Catch up. Luckily Search Mojo had the Search Marketing Sage blog and the Tweet Chats to help bring in some important issues and concepts. Your work will be much more valuable to you if you know how exactly you are contributing.

4 your own good, ask for help. Learn from co-workers, learn what they do and how everything functions is an interconnected web of clients, Real-time searches, algorithms, Excel spread sheets and even our favorite Specter, the 404 white screen of death. If you don’t reach out for help, you could potentially bring the company to a screeching halt—yes an extreme case. But hey, Ctrl + Z won’t always be at your side. When people ask you for help, listen. Furiously take notes. You will stay afloat this way and also know how to do the task again. It is not only refreshing to you but to others when you can run a report without asking for a slow replay of instructions.

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Webinar Recording: How To Do SEO for Google Caffeine

<< by Renee Revetta on July 9th, 2010

Happy Friday! Here are the slides from our webinar yesterday. Thanks to everyone that attended.
View more webinars from Search Mojo on Slideshare or download these slides. And remember to chat with us every Tuesday at 2pm by using #seo411 on Twitter. Plus – be on the lookout for our second webinar this month “10 Tips for SEO Friendly Redesigns” with Avelyn Austin on July 29.

#seo411 Recap: Google Caffeine Update

<< by Paige Payne on July 7th, 2010

Our most recent #seo411 Twitter chat session discussed the features of the new Google search algorithm, Caffeine, and its effects on SEO. Here’s a review of what we talked about in case you couldn’t make it.

Special thanks to @tim_eschenauer, @MediaCollective, @seoinnovators, @inflatemouse, @keywebconcepts, @sullivan_s, @AvelynAustin, @janetdmiller, @Jstatad, @ReneeRevetta, @Kaitlyn07 for contributing their SEO knowledge to this week’s chat.

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