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Gingers of the Interwebz

<< by Renee Revetta on March 17th, 2011

Gingers Gingers of the Interwebz

Ireland celebrated National Ginger Day on March 12 all because of a Facebook group’s upheaval (yes, really) but for the US, most people strongly equate redheads with St. Patrick’s Day (even though obviously not all redheads are Irish, and there are actually more redheads in Scotland than Ireland. Although 10 redheads in this post are Irish, and 3 are Scottish in case you were wondering.) Ok enough with the redhead/ginger/daywalker trivia. We do have souls (South Park anyone?) and we’re also successful online marketers, SEO & IT professionals, public relations professionals and bloggers.

Let the gingerfest commence, since it is ginger appreciation day afterall. icon smile Gingers of the Interwebz

DMF 2011 | Social Media Best Practices to Heat Up Your Marketing

<< by Amanda Sides on February 3rd, 2011

DMF logo DMF 2011 | Social Media Best Practices to Heat Up Your Marketing

Getting started this chilly morning at the Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Forum conference here in Austin, TX, Jeff Cohen greets the live audience as well as the online audience watching the presentation streaming at home.  Speakers for this session include Jeff Cohen, Sharon Mostyn, and Alan Belniak.  Follow the speakers on Twitter: @jeffreylcohen, @sharonmostyn, and @abelniak.  Alan is currently stuck in Chicago (thank you, mother nature), and unfortunately could not be here to present this morning.

What is social media? Social media is essentially another channel of communication and a way to interact with your customers.  It’s a way to connect, on both a personal as well as professional level.  One big thing that social media is used for today is for recommendations.  LinkedIn is a great place to give and find recommended professionals and vendors that you can trust.

Why social media? By using social media, you can leverage expertise and content, expand your presence, and let others know that you are subject matter experts in your industry.  But before you can get started, you will need to develop a plan…

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The Role of Social Influence on SEO Ranking Signals

<< by Tad Miller on December 29th, 2010

A lot has happened since my last blog post in November, “Twitter and Facebook Links Worthless for SEO? I Wouldn’t Be Too Sure About That“.  Danny Sullivan confirmed my belief with verification from the Search Engines that social signals are being utilized in Search Engine ranking algorithms for more than Real Time and Social Search.  See: “What Social Signals Do Google & Bing Really Count“.  This video from Matt Cutts also validated that this is happening with Google:

In the video Matt says that Google is trying the figure out the “reputation of an author or creator on Twitter or Facebook” Matt goes on to say “Don’t think that you have to get a bunch of followers, the way people used to go out a get a lot of links.  You have to think about”what are the followers who mean quality.  Who are the people that are not just bots, or some software program or things like that.”

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Live from Pubcon Vegas: Keynote Panel – Social Media Leading Edge

<< by Janet Driscoll Miller on November 10th, 2010

This morning’s keynote featured an all-star panel of social media gurus: Chris Brogan, Sarah Evans, Scott Stratten (Unmarketing) and Brian Clark (Copyblogger).

The panel started by showing this video, which is really amazing:

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Internet Privacy Is A Joke

<< by Evan Levy on October 29th, 2010

Last week a story was published recounting Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts’ comments regarding his blatant disregard of online EULA’s and other “fine print,” such as literature with his medications.  He admits that the system has created this broken and prohibitive, jargon based literature, and also reveals that he has yet to find a solution that would benefit the end users.  After all, that’s who the agreement is for right?  The end user.

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