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4 Rules for Building Meaningful Blogger Outreach Relationships

<< by Alex Katzen on February 14th, 2013

So you have something you want to promote…you want to create awareness, build inbound links for SEO, and ultimately, generate leads and/or sales. One of the most overlooked news sources today are blogs. Not only can bloggers provide you with links, but they can also spread the word about your news or product to their readers. Bloggers are big.

hey girl ryan gosling blogger 4 Rules for Building Meaningful Blogger Outreach Relationships

How can you get bloggers to love you and want to post about your news or product? It’s definitely important to note that any relationship takes time and effort. Bring the romance to your bloggers with a little patience and extra work. Just like when you have a crush on someone, it’s best to act cool and not too pushy. Follow these same rules with your outreach campaign.

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Blow Me Away Blogging – Insights from #SMX

<< by Sarah Lokitis on December 5th, 2012

It’s time for Blow Me Away Blogging! I’m listening to arguments for blogging, so I guess it’s fitting that I am blogging this session. I’ll jump right in:

Jennifer Evans Cario

Jennifer Evans Cario says that we may be tempted with Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and leave our blog behind. But we have one brand and many homes – don’t just focus on one. For instance, if we spend all our time on Twitter and it dies tomorrow, we have nothing. We need channels to support our website and our blog marketing channels. Social media is a channel, not a destination. Use social to entice them and then get them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Why did we get started with social media in the first place? Social media delivers traffic and links. This is the connection and tie for SEO and social, so you can’t ignore this. From that, social media delivers conversions, registrations, leads, whatever your desired action is. Social media can deliver credibility.

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Pubcon Recap: Blog Planning and Execution

<< by Janet Driscoll Miller on October 22nd, 2012

On Thursday, I had the pleasure of moderating a session featuring Loren Baker (VP of Business Development at BlueGlass and founder of Search Engine Journal), Jennifer Slegg (President of JenSense) and Melissa Fach (Founder of SEOAware and Managing Editor at Search Engine Journal) where the three spoke about planning and executing your blog. Great panel!

Jennifer Slegg

Jennifer started out the panel an initially focused on planning out your blog posts. She emphasized the need for an editorial calendar and recommended the WordPress editorial calendar plugin, which looks very handy. She also emphasized the need for editorial guidelines.

After you have the basics established, where can you find writers for your blog? She recommended a host of options, but most interesting to me was that she recommended using students for blogging. Above all, she warned to avoid writers for article sites and to only accept original content. There’s also a WordPress plugin for assigning writers called “Post To-Do Lists“.

Jennifer also recommended to repurpose content in different mediums and to identify popular or trending topics to write about using Google Trends.

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Google Author Stats in Webmaster Tools

<< by Sarah Lokitis on September 21st, 2012

For a while now, I have told all of my clients that they should set up Google Authorship and link their Google+ page with their blog or online publication. Authorship markup and other rich markup and schema is a way to be competitive in the search space. Not everyone has jumped for joy at the idea that their face could be seen within search results, but most thought it was a pretty great idea. Images in search results can really draw the eye away from other results and consequently, improve the click-through on that search result.

authorship Google Author Stats in Webmaster Tools

Authorship Markup is Google’s way of attributing content back to its author. Google is displaying author information in search results and can be set up by following an option listed here or by using a blog plugin. There are a variety of ways to make this happen, but all include making a connection from your Google+ page to content you publish and making the connection back from content you publish to your Google+ page. It’s exciting to see your face show in search results. At least in my opinion!

Google Webmaster Tools (WMT) has a new Lab called Author Stats. Author Stats is a page in WMT that “shows search statistics for pages  for which you are the verified author.” This requires that you log into WMT with the email you used to verify the account. I use a different one for Search Mojo, so I had to add my personal email to the account to have any data display for me. If you are in charge of managing a blog with multiple authors, this means that you will not be able to receive information on all the author’s Author Stats.

Google Author Stats 1024x419 Google Author Stats in Webmaster Tools

Within Author Stats, you can see each page Google has associated with you. Each post displays how many impressions and clicks you received, in addition to the click-through-rate and average position. All of these columns are able to be sorted, so you can sort to see which post ranked highest, for instance. The post I wrote that had the most clicks was a very hot topic during the Olympics this year. This data provides insight that should influence your content marketing efforts.

Have you tried out the Author Stats lab yet? What do you think? In my opinion, there is a lot of value associated with knowing the performance of author data in search results. I’d love to see the comparison between click-through data when my image was displaying, when just the “by Sarah Lokitis” line was showing, and when nothing related to authorship displayed! Hear that suggestion, Google?! Thanks for working on that! I’d love to hear your thoughts too, so please comment below or find me on Twitter @Lokitis.

Online Marketing for the Product People Don’t Know They Need…Yet

<< by Tad Miller on August 20th, 2012

In our complex high tech world new products and services are constantly being developed to solve the problems of life and business.  Frequently the solutions are so new and innovative that people don’t even know they exist.  As an online marketer you have to figure out ways to use online channels to get the world knowing that you have solutions and then seal the deal with a sale.

We’ve worked for lots of companies that sell products that the world doesn’t know they need yet and we have found 8 tactics that can help companies maximize online visibility and thereby make sales.

1. Focus Site Content on the Problem That the Product or Service Solves.  You can have a page devoted to all of problems your product or service solves, but it’s in your interest from an SEO perspective to devote individual pages detailing each exact problem and the exact solution you provide.

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