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SMX East: Crunching Your Own PPC Data

<< by Jessica Davidson on October 3rd, 2012

Number Muncher SMX East: Crunching Your Own PPC Data

In the world of PPC, we as marketers are swimming in a sea of data at any given time. So, how are we supposed to effectively use this data to make decisions and improve our PPC campaign performance? This SMX East session explores how you can go from drowning in data to a successful Number Muncher (and yes, I am referring to that MS DOS computer game gem) by capitalizing on data analysis techniques to optimize your PPC campaigns.

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The Optimal Conversion Recipe – Post From SMX East on Search, Display and Retargeting

<< by Ariele McWhinney on October 3rd, 2012

The Optimal Conversion Recipe: Search, Display & Retargeting – Post From SMX East

Retargeting; how has it affected jobs of search marketers?

As search marketers, we try to juggle both text and display advertising for our clients. This SMX paid search track session discussed the ideal mix of advertising between text ads, display ads & the use of retargeting to optimize a combination of these.

The following are some of the insightful thoughts from a couple of this session’s speakers about integrating retargeting into your search strategies.

James Green - Life Beyond Search Engine Marketing

  • Display is looking more and more like search, in that it is auction based with data-driven advertising and the opportunity to buy keywords.
  • Display is catching up to search in its portion of the pie that is online advertising. This is because you can power display with data.
  • Search data = intent. People perform multiple searches as they learn more about what they want. In turn, each search becomes more targeted. This is where display comes in: at the consideration phase. As a search marketer, this is where retargeting can happen.

Joseph Kerschbaum - Retargeting as a conversation

  • How to converse with the right people
  • Rethink how you approach retargeting. Are you begging people to come back? How do we get past that mentality? Why don’t they love me? Possibilities are endless – wrong time, person, keyword, product, action, copy, etc. With retargeting, there is an opportunity to change the “wrong.”
  • Talking, not stalking! There this thing call requency capping…
Joseph then went on to talk about his top 3 retargeting strategies.
  1. Try something else if first action doesn’t convert! Don’t send the searcher to the same page or use same conversion action. You could test quite a few options: longer sales copy, special offer, softer sell, more testimonials, other benefits, different product, etc. The key is to be dynamic and to always rethink what you’re doing.
  2. Deliver the right message. Your window of opportunity and relevancy is small depending on your industry, so know your sales or conversion cycles.
  3. Who are you delivering the message to? Think about it; you might not want to be retargeting everybody. Create exclusion lists and segment your customers into separate inclusion lists, as well.

Retargeting has surely had an impact on search engine marketers of today. The segmentation and targeting of our audience has become more and more important, causing us to be more in tune with the searchers. We, too, want to give users the best experience in the SEM world, hoping that they will then remember us and convert.

Content Marketing World 2012: Are You a Content Marketer?

<< by Kari Rippetoe on September 6th, 2012

Mitch Joel slide CMW 2012 1024x768 Content Marketing World 2012: Are You a Content Marketer?

Slide from Mitch Joel’s keynote at Content Marketing World 2012. Yes, that says “sex with data.”

Hi, I’m Kari, and I’m new here at Search Mojo. In my new role as Content Marketing Manager, I’ll be helping to create content marketing strategies that drive search marketing success for clients. So, for my first week at Search Mojo, I’m here at Content Marketing World soaking in all the content marketing goodness so we can implement effective programs for Search Mojo clients.

Did I say “content marketing” in that first paragraph enough?

I’ve actually been asked a few times by other attendees if I’ve ever been in content marketing roles before this one. Which I think is a funny question, actually – isn’t content marketing part of what we, as marketers, already do? Does someone have to be in a “content marketing role” to be involved in content marketing?

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Live from Optimization Summit 2012: The Web as a Living Laboratory: How MECLABS uses Internet Experimentation to Optimize Messaging

<< by Jenny DeGraff on June 12th, 2012

optimization summit Live from Optimization Summit 2012: The Web as a Living Laboratory: How MECLABS uses Internet Experimentation to Optimize MessagingDr. Flint McGlaughlin, CEO & Managing Director of MECLABs starts off the 2012 Optimization Summit with a philosophical study of online marketing that offers key principles, observations, and dangers. He suggests that you should consider the internet to be a living laboratory to use experimentation to optimize messaging.

He starts with 3 key principles:

  1. Asking “how” leads to information; asking “why” leads to wisdom.
    Don’t optimize websites, optimize thought sequences.
  2. Sometimes we need to slow down in order to go fast. action is overrated; action should be grounded in contemplation. Contemplation without action is anemic, but then action without contemplation is dangerous.
  3. The marketer should be the philosopher of the organization – for the vigorous action of sales needs to be grounded int he rigorous contemplation of marketing.

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Live from SMX 2012 – Auditing PPC Campaigns

<< by Tad Miller on June 6th, 2012

Cady SMX Live from SMX 2012   Auditing PPC CampaignsThis afternoon’s first SEM track Session is “Auditing PPC Campaigns with our own Cady Codyles, Joe Kerschbaum from Clix Marketing, Melissa Mackey from gyro and David Rodnitzky from PPC Associates.  The sessions topic are is supposed to be about evaluating the health of your PPC Accounts.

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