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Search Mojo Halloween Costume Contest

<< by Sarah Lokitis on November 2nd, 2011

SearchMojoHalloween1 Search Mojo Halloween Costume ContestDid you upload your Halloween costume to Facebook yet? According to Facebook, tons of people spend the days leading up to Halloween, the day of Halloween, and the day after Halloween sharing their costumes on Facebook.  In 2010, more than 1.2 billion photos were uploaded to Facebook in the days leading up to Halloween, on Halloween and the day after Halloween. I can only imagine that number has gone up for 2011. With so many costumes and social gatherings, Halloween presents many photo opportunities.

This year Search Mojo had a Halloween Costume Contest with a twist. The costume couldn’t be the typical witch, cat or pumpkin –  the costumes had to relate to search engine marketing. We were ready for that challenge and came to work dressed in our best search costumes! 

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Live from #SMX East: Link Building – Why You’re Doing It Wrong

<< by Sarah Lokitis on September 15th, 2011

Oh wow, only 15 minutes before the next session. I just ran over to get a front row seat for charging my laptop and learning about link juice. There are lots of best practices for link building and everyone has their opinion about what works and what doesn’t work anymore. I hope to gain new insights from Link Building: Why You’re Doing It Wrong rather than just the basic things I’ve heard time and time again.

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Live from #SMX East: Link Building Fundamentals

<< by Lindsay Keller on September 14th, 2011

The Link Building Fundamentals session at SMX East was presented by Debra Mastaler, President of Alliance-Link, an interactive marketing company focused on providing custom link building training. This session provided insight into how to reach out and get quality links, how to craft anchor text to build authority, and how to avoid common mistakes that can hurt your web credibility and search engine rankings.

First of all, without effective keywords, you can’t have effective links. Link building is an extremely important search engine optimization tactic because links are a driving force of the Google algorithm. Debra Mastaler mentioned that if there is one thing you should remember at the end of this presentation it is that link popularity is key to your online success!

Link Popularity measures the quality and quantity of links pointing to a webpage. You may here fellow search engine marketers refer to this as link love or link juice.

The four factors that determine link popularity include:

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Live from #SMX East: Panda-Proofing Your Content

<< by Chad Rhodes on September 13th, 2011

As Panda continues to change, how can it be applied to actual practices, and how can you Panda-Proof your content? These were the discussion points for the first afternoon session at SMX East 2011 today. Speakers included Heather Lloyd-Martin, Dr. Horst Joepen, and Chris Silver Smith.

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SMX Advanced 2011: Yes, Virginia, Tweeting is SEO

<< by Tad Miller on June 7th, 2011

 SMX Advanced 2011: Yes, Virginia, Tweeting is SEOSocial ranking signals now matter in SEO and this panel featuring Michael Hayward, Elle Shelley, Jennifer Lopez and Sean Percival is discussing just that.

Danny Sullivan’s intro gets into the hands off history that many SEO’s had with Twitter early on because it didn’t have anything to do with SEO in the early days (only about 2 years ago).

Michael Hayward of ROI labs – Michael was a former executive at 4 Seasons Hotels and they needed a Twitter strategy.  Getting a network of retweeters like 4 Seasons is important.  They have a corporate account and every hotel has a Twitter account. All the hotels organically retweet the corporate account.  They believe that they get link juice with their own custom shortened link that they own.  They also plan out their editorial calendar a year in advance and design and schedule all the tweets for their custom magazine website months in advance.

Doing this increased traffic from search 50% and getting the site ranking for non-travel search terms like “Best Pain au Chocolat in _____”.  Got them 21 different page rankings for variations of that phrase.

“Did you know” tweets are by far the most retweeted Tweets of any kind of tweets they share.

Elle Shelley from Zog Media – Her rules are integrate Twitter into your search strategy always use a link and be social.  Figure out what stages of the content strategy to can integrate Twitter into.

Tweets are not a Silver Bullet for search, but they can play a supporting role.  They can’t be a stand alone strategy.

Always use a “branded link”.  Ensure “link juice”.  Which I think she possibly means use your own URL or own custom link shortner.

Being social means interacting with other Tweeters that have some Clout.  Focus on Quality over Quantitiy.  Seek out mavens for retweets and retweet the Mavens.

Jennifer Lopez from SEOmoz – SEO Mind vs. The Social Mind.  SEOMoz ranks for some very general terms like “beginners guide” as the result of massive numbers of ReTweets.

Study the science of Retweets to maximize them.  Dan Zarella offers a great guide.

Do some keyword targeting with hash tags.  Use Twubs to find the hash tags with the most usage.  Use those hash tags in your tweet.

Use the short canonical version of URLs – not the long drawn out non-canonical version of URLs.

Make sharing easy with buttons on all of your pages.  Post the URL on the page also to make cut and pasting easy.  Shared Count is a great way to track all the places where your link was shared.

Sean Percival from Myspace – Went to work for the social network, MySpace and first asked “who owns Social?”  Marketing, PR, Agency?  Find out what works, have data and make Social better and you can “shape” it to make it better.

They use Social Flow to manage social.  Social flow uses “timing optimization” for Tweets.  They optimize to time tweets to correlate when the audience responds best to it.  It also gives keyword suggestions.  Social Flow is a paid tool.

They work with Celebrities.  They do “hi-jacks” to have celebrities take over the site.  You need to make sure that they are invested in the success of the content.  The Blake Griffin hi-jack was more successful than the Kim Kardashian hi-jack.  You need to get in front of events that the celebrities are working towards.

This just in: Celebrities get a lot of ReTweets.

Look for authorities in your field, more than celebrities like Kardashians.

Danny Sullivan says if someone doesn’t see your tweet within an hour, the chances are that it won’t be seen.  Search Engine Land also uses Social Flow.  It’s great for second chance Tweets.  It’s a no-brainer to do.

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