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Is Your Content Telling Google the Right Story?

<< by Kari Rippetoe on April 26th, 2013

Telling a story Is Your Content Telling Google the Right Story?It’s National Tell A Story Day tomorrow, April 27th – and as a marketer, I love to tell stories. Ultimately, that is what your content should be doing: telling a story your customers can understand and relate to. But the biggest mistake we as marketers can make in our content is telling a story about our companies and products, and NOT our customers. You must know what challenges they have, how what you’re selling will help them with that challenge, and then create content that shows them this while making them the hero of your story.

I recently participated in a panel of very smart marketers at the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit, and we talked about how Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithm updates created a fundamental shift in how we view content creation. All of a sudden, we needed to create content that was useful and people liked to read (gasp!), rather than just content to feed the Google monster and get rankings. So, the way we approached SEO also shifted – no more over-optimization practices, just good content that was not only searchable, but shareable.

But that doesn’t mean that SEO goes completely out the window when creating content. You can still optimize, just don’t over-optimize. You want to make sure that Google is still indexing your content correctly and for the proper keywords. Here are some tips to ensure your content is telling Google the right story:

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Here’s Why You Should PPC Advertise on Your Brand Keywords

<< by Tad Miller on April 19th, 2013

There have been multiple studies about the incremental lift in search traffic that Pay Per Click Advertising provides in recent years.  I’ve been quoting to clients the Google Study that said that search ads provide 89% incremental traffic.  The studies essentially say that when ads are shut off that the natural search results will only pick up for 11% of the lost traffic.

The study results, are almost in every case met with doubt and skepticism by the clients because the clients don’t trust that the information is valid because Google did the study. The issue is particularly doubted with regard to advertising on the companies name or brand names that they already rank number one for in natural search.

Our Test

We recently started a test for a retailer that had not previously utilized PPC advertising on its brand names before and monitored both the impact on natural search when those ads were turned on and the impact on PPC with the addition of the clicks on those specific brand keywords.

The results pretty much backed the premise of the Google study.  The study said:

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WEBINAR: Leveraging Local SEO for More Leads

<< by Kari Rippetoe on January 8th, 2013

local seo WEBINAR: Leveraging Local SEO for More LeadsDo your customers know where you are? Your website may be ranking well in Google, but many of your prospects could be looking at a more local level to find the products and services they need.  Just take a look at your website analytics to see how much traffic your website receives from your city, or even your state. If you’re seeing very little (or not seeing any at all), then it’s time to consider employing some local SEO tactics. Local SEO will help your prospective customers find what they’re looking for in their own backyard – giving you an edge over your competitors.

How can local SEO help to drive more local traffic and leads to your business? Join Amanda Chaney, Account Director at Search Mojo, for a free 30 minute webinar on Thursday, January 10th at 2:00pm ET, Leveraging Local SEO for More Leads.  During this webinar, Amanda will show you:

  • Why Google+ is a local SEO must for businesses
  • What local citations are and why they’re important
  • How to ensure your website is properly optimized for local search

For a preview of what you’ll learn during the webinar, check out this Mojo Minute video:

This webinar will pack a ton of useful local SEO tips and tactics into just 30 minutes, plus Amanda will be answering your local SEO questions as well.

UPDATE 1/14/2013: Did you miss the webinar? Watch Leveraging Local SEO for More Leads in ts entirety here! Check out the preview below:

Best of Search Marketing Sage Blog 2012: Top 30 Posts

<< by Kari Rippetoe on December 31st, 2012

search marketing in 2013 Best of Search Marketing Sage Blog 2012: Top 30 PostsAs the curtain closes on another year at Search Mojo, we like to take one last look back at what made our year interesting – and our blog posts here on Search Marketing Sage are an excellent reflection of that. We write about the new things we as search marketers are learning about each day so we can pass that knowledge on to you, our awesome readers. And because of you, 2012 was the most successful year yet for the Search Marketing Sage!

We’ve compiled a list of our top 30 blog posts on search marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing and content marketing for 2012. These were the most popular posts of the year, judged by your visits and feedback. We hope you enjoy these (and even learn something you didn’t know before), and here’s to a successful 2013 for all of us!

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For Generating Leads: LinkedIn Ads > A B2B Niche Keyword With A Number 1 Search Ranking

<< by Tad Miller on November 26th, 2012

Business to Business (B2B) search marketing can be tricky.  It’s hard to dispute the value of getting into the consideration set of potential undecided customers that search on non-branded keyword phrases, but visibility isn’t necessarily always going to translate into a lead that a sales force can follow up on and turn into a sale, especially if your product or service has a big price tag or requires a major commitment.

The art of generating B2B leads online doesn’t get the credit that it deserves, especially on those big-ticket, high commitment, complicated sales.  Typically these leads have very high costs per acquisition and very low conversion rates.  The pool of ideal customers for these kind of products is relatively small, especially compared to consumer products or services.

Keyword Demographics?

When it comes to search marketing, both natural and paid, keyword selection can be tricky for B2B niches.  What your ideal customer demographic may search for isn’t always abundantly clear.  Say your company offers services to battery manufacturers to do testing on the batteries they make.  The keyword “battery testing” has approximately 320 searches per month according to Google.  But “battery testing” can mean different things to different people.  For consumers it’s mostly an informational search query about how to test your car’s battery.  A smaller niche of both consumers and businesses might be interested in figuring out how to test laptop computer batteries. And, an even smaller niche might be battery manufacturers (your ideal customers).  Battery testing has “horizontal relevance” in that it means different things to different people.

B2B Niche KW Graph For Generating Leads: LinkedIn Ads > A B2B Niche Keyword With A Number 1 Search Ranking

Keywords mean different things to different people

The hard part about horizontal relevance is that search engines like Google favor what the majority are looking for in top ten natural search results, in other words if it’s mostly an informational search query and mostly searched by consumers the results will likely favor those type of pages.

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