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New and Improved Google Hangouts: One More Reason to Use Google+

<< by Michelle Doty on May 29th, 2013

First, as a member of the Social Team at an SEO/ online marketing agency, it would be fairly negligent of me not to champion Google’s oft-maligned social network for its genuine SEO importance—I mean, it’s owned by Google. For all of the talk surrounding the increasing value of social indicators for search, we’d be naïve to think that the search engine giant’s personal social network would be left out of the equation. At minimum, having an up-to-date, fully optimized, keyword-heavy, image-heavy, and active (posting a couple times each day) Google+ page will help your brand get a more detailed Knowledge Graph showing in search. And if you’re still not quite convinced, be sure to take a look at our Google+ Business Benefits infographic to learn about even more benefits to your business.

With the preaching out of the way, the main purpose of this post was to introduce the new Hangouts, and get you to simply try them out. Hangouts replaces Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, and Google+ Hangouts’ classic video chats, providing the integrated messaging platform that Google had been missing.  There are so many features that make me think this could actually be the catalyst that changes the average individual’s perception of Google+ and leads them to start taking it seriously as a social network—we’ll just have to see if Google can push all of its Gmail/ Android users to get on board…

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10 Search-ified Movie Quotes to Celebrate Geek Pride Day

<< by Kari Rippetoe on May 24th, 2013

184594 501097553278274 1668457065 n 10 Search ified Movie Quotes to Celebrate Geek Pride DayTomorrow (May 25th) is International Geek Pride Day, and yes, we here at Search Mojo are search marketing geeks. We’re also geeks about other things, and I personally am a bit of a movie geek. Not quite Quentin Tarantino-level film geekiness, but I particularly love movie quotes. You know those annoying people who recite lines from movies – while you’re watching them? Yep, that’s me.

So, what could be better than mashing together two great geek passions that go great together – search marketing and movie quotes! Here are 10 I compiled from the Search Mojo team. Feel free to tweet your favorite!

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Unfortunately, Sustainable SEO is Slow

<< by Tad Miller on May 20th, 2013

When I was young I made a lot of money on risky high tech stocks in my 401K.  Over the long haul I lost those huge gains, plus nearly everything I’ve invested in them from the start.  The rush of the big gain over the short term was exhilarating, I thought I would be retired in my 50′s…  Obviously, the volatility of the stock market took its toll on my nest egg, but I was young, I at least knew I had time in my life to earn it back.

saupload 1212 Unfortunately, Sustainable SEO is Slow

It was when I saw the impact on the people who were a few years away from retirement that lost almost everything in their 401K and were facing the reality that they likely weren’t going to be able to retire for many years to come, that I realized the need to diversify my investment portfolio.  I realized that big gains in investing were destined to be short term gains (all bubbles must burst).  

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Is Your Content Telling Google the Right Story?

<< by Kari Rippetoe on April 26th, 2013

Telling a story Is Your Content Telling Google the Right Story?It’s National Tell A Story Day tomorrow, April 27th – and as a marketer, I love to tell stories. Ultimately, that is what your content should be doing: telling a story your customers can understand and relate to. But the biggest mistake we as marketers can make in our content is telling a story about our companies and products, and NOT our customers. You must know what challenges they have, how what you’re selling will help them with that challenge, and then create content that shows them this while making them the hero of your story.

I recently participated in a panel of very smart marketers at the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit, and we talked about how Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithm updates created a fundamental shift in how we view content creation. All of a sudden, we needed to create content that was useful and people liked to read (gasp!), rather than just content to feed the Google monster and get rankings. So, the way we approached SEO also shifted – no more over-optimization practices, just good content that was not only searchable, but shareable.

But that doesn’t mean that SEO goes completely out the window when creating content. You can still optimize, just don’t over-optimize. You want to make sure that Google is still indexing your content correctly and for the proper keywords. Here are some tips to ensure your content is telling Google the right story:

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Analytics Attribution Modeling… Savvy?

<< by Nelson Hudspeth on April 18th, 2013

Multi-Channel Attribution is a pretty big topic in our industry, and most of us aren’t as knowledgeable as we would like to be on the subject. Attribution modeling attempts to solve the problem of which channel gets credit when a user touches multiple channels prior to converting. The problem with attribution models historically has been that they segment attributes at the single channel level: paid search, social media, direct traffic, organic search, etc., and often lack the ability to simultaneously compare various models across a multi-channel format.

image Analytics Attribution Modeling... Savvy?

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