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301 Redirects vs. Rel=Canonical

<< by Nelson Hudspeth on May 31st, 2013

There is a pervasive issue in the world of SEO practitioners, website owners and search engines alike: canonicalization. When should you use a 301? When do you need a Rel=Canonical tag? This post will highlight the differences between the two, and explain what circumstances work best for each.

301 Redirects – What are They?

A 301 redirect is a server-side redirect designed to help users and search engines find content that has moved to a new URL permanently. These redirects pass between 90-99% of the link juice to the redirected page, and according to Google, are the best way to ensure that users and search engines are directed to the correct page.

34719933 301 Redirects vs. Rel=Canonical

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Unfortunately, Sustainable SEO is Slow

<< by Tad Miller on May 20th, 2013

When I was young I made a lot of money on risky high tech stocks in my 401K.  Over the long haul I lost those huge gains, plus nearly everything I’ve invested in them from the start.  The rush of the big gain over the short term was exhilarating, I thought I would be retired in my 50′s…  Obviously, the volatility of the stock market took its toll on my nest egg, but I was young, I at least knew I had time in my life to earn it back.

saupload 1212 Unfortunately, Sustainable SEO is Slow

It was when I saw the impact on the people who were a few years away from retirement that lost almost everything in their 401K and were facing the reality that they likely weren’t going to be able to retire for many years to come, that I realized the need to diversify my investment portfolio.  I realized that big gains in investing were destined to be short term gains (all bubbles must burst).  

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E-commerce SEO: and GoodRelations Unite

<< by Lindsay Keller on November 15th, 2012

On November 8th, a week ago, it was announced by R.V. Guha (Google) that e-commerce schemas from the GoodRelations project would be integrated with, effective immediately. GoodRelations is the well-known and widely used e-commerce vocabulary that has been developed and maintained by Martin Hepp since 2002. The decision to integrate the GoodRelations vocabulary with was made to make it easier for publishers to bring together existing work under a common model that is supported by major search engines, Google, Bing/Microsoft, Yahoo, and Yandex. and GoodRelations Unites E commerce SEO: and GoodRelations UniteStructured data helps search engines understand what is on the page, provides signals of relevance for search engines, and helps to enhance your search result listings with rich snippets. With this recent integration of GoodRelations and, publishers have the opportunity to expose more granular information about their products and services in a way that is supported by major search engines. Publishers using can now mark up information to help search engines understand and identify items like product delivery charges, quantity discounts, and product features.

For those e-commerce websites that already utilize GoodRelations, nothing will change, except for the fact that all the major search engines are now supporting its structured data. And for those using previously, the type of information that can now be marked up has increased tremendously!

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Local SEO Tips for your Big or Small Business

<< by Amanda Sides on October 17th, 2012

 Local SEO Tips for your Big or Small BusinessIf your business is interested in capitalizing on local efforts, be sure you not only have your strategy all worked out offline, but online as well. There are a few simple things you could be doing that could revolutionize your business, locally speaking. In a world where mobile phones and local searches are so prevalent (for some perspective, 5.1 Billion people own cell phones, while only 4.2 Billion own a toothbrush! (Source: Mobile Marketing Association Asia)), search engines have adapted for this trend and where you are located has a big impact on the search engine results nowadays.

Here are some steps you could be taking to improve your local visibility, capitalizing on those searchers who could be choosing your competitors over you.

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Live from Pubcon: Social Signals that Influence Search

<< by Janet Driscoll Miller on October 17th, 2012

I didn’t quite make it for the whole session yesterday, but thankfully I was there in time to catch the presentation from my friend, Rob Garner from iCrossing, on social signals in search. I’ll be attending another social signals session today, so keep an eye out for that post too! Rob’s presentation was divided into four parts:

  • Which social signals are important for search
  • Why search is a strategic part of social
  • Google+ search signals and the author graph
  • A list of social signals and what matters

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