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CHECKLIST: 2013 Search and Social Media Marketing Tactics

<< by Kari Rippetoe on January 4th, 2013

It’s a new year, and time to make some new marketing resolutions for 2013. Have you included any of the following in your 2013 search and social media marketing plans?

  • Creating more fresh, quality content for your website?
  • Leveraging semantic search?
  • Digging up more useful data from your analytics?
  • Branding your business online?
  • Getting on board with Google+?
  • Experimenting with social advertising?
  • Creating and improving your landing pages?
  • Getting a little creepy with retargeting?
  • Making your site more mobile-friendly?

We’ve created this checklist of search and social media marketing tactics with 30 of the most important tactics not to overlook in 2013. Any marketer can use this checklist to augment their current marketing plans for 2013 with effective tactics that are also easy to implement.

2013 Checklist Screenshot CHECKLIST: 2013 Search and Social Media Marketing Tactics

For Generating Leads: LinkedIn Ads > A B2B Niche Keyword With A Number 1 Search Ranking

<< by Tad Miller on November 26th, 2012

Business to Business (B2B) search marketing can be tricky.  It’s hard to dispute the value of getting into the consideration set of potential undecided customers that search on non-branded keyword phrases, but visibility isn’t necessarily always going to translate into a lead that a sales force can follow up on and turn into a sale, especially if your product or service has a big price tag or requires a major commitment.

The art of generating B2B leads online doesn’t get the credit that it deserves, especially on those big-ticket, high commitment, complicated sales.  Typically these leads have very high costs per acquisition and very low conversion rates.  The pool of ideal customers for these kind of products is relatively small, especially compared to consumer products or services.

Keyword Demographics?

When it comes to search marketing, both natural and paid, keyword selection can be tricky for B2B niches.  What your ideal customer demographic may search for isn’t always abundantly clear.  Say your company offers services to battery manufacturers to do testing on the batteries they make.  The keyword “battery testing” has approximately 320 searches per month according to Google.  But “battery testing” can mean different things to different people.  For consumers it’s mostly an informational search query about how to test your car’s battery.  A smaller niche of both consumers and businesses might be interested in figuring out how to test laptop computer batteries. And, an even smaller niche might be battery manufacturers (your ideal customers).  Battery testing has “horizontal relevance” in that it means different things to different people.

B2B Niche KW Graph For Generating Leads: LinkedIn Ads > A B2B Niche Keyword With A Number 1 Search Ranking

Keywords mean different things to different people

The hard part about horizontal relevance is that search engines like Google favor what the majority are looking for in top ten natural search results, in other words if it’s mostly an informational search query and mostly searched by consumers the results will likely favor those type of pages.

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Live from OMS: Avoid the Top 10 Conversion Optimization Mistakes

<< by Janet Driscoll Miller on October 23rd, 2012

thumb photoKiBiGU Live from OMS: Avoid the Top 10 Conversion Optimization MistakesFollowing my session today on retargeting was Chris Goward featuring the top ten conversion optimization mistakes. This is fresh stuff from Chris — he added many new points just last night!

Chris started with a sample from The goal was to lift ecommerce sales with their product page template. The test involved simply swapping the right and left columns, with image on left v. right. Variation B won with a 22.8% sales lift — which was surprising to the room because the image was on the left.

Now, the top ten mistakes!

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The New Reality of B2B Online Marketing

<< by Tad Miller on October 22nd, 2012

I absolutely love search advertising. Give me a couple of months and a significant amount of data from it and I can maximize its conversion performance to a level that most people will never be able to achieve.  But increasingly that level of maximum performance from search quite honestly isn’t enough for our business clients selling to other businesses online, especially in high tech niches. It didn’t used to be so difficult, but things have changed.

Competing Against the Ham-Fisted Bidder

 The New Reality of B2B Online MarketingAs an agency in the B2B space we are very conscientious about generating leads and generating them at an affordable cost per lead (the cost per lead obviously can’t be more than the value of the eventual sale).  We absolutely know what an acceptable cost per lead is for our clients, and we have a pretty good idea of what a competitor’s likely range of cost per lead is.

Our belief is that the competition in many (possibly most) cases in B2B segments is ignoring the idea of profitable advertising.  Quite frequently ego and not success metrics guides these decisions.  Being number one for the keyword is valued more than the results that clicks on that keyword delivers.  We believe that for the most part that the managers of these accounts are not experienced at managing search advertising accounts, or don’t have sufficient time to devote to it.

All of these factors combine to either make your costs per click way too high to meet your cost per lead goals or force you to lower your ad position and in order to meet cost per lead goals while at the same time significantly decreasing your lead volume.

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Pubcon Presentation: The Best in Landing Page Optimization Tips

<< by Kari Rippetoe on October 18th, 2012

Janet Driscoll Miller’s Pubcon presentation shows you the basic tactics for optimizing your landing pages, as well as some advanced landing page optimization tactics including progressive profiling, conversion paths, and social integration.

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