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Think BIG for the New Year: Expand Your Strategy for 2014

<< by Heidi Kramer on December 20th, 2013

Depositphotos 26983169 online advertising s Think BIG for the New Year: Expand Your Strategy for 2014With the start of a New Year usually comes the inevitable: reflection of the past year and resolutions for the upcoming months (I say months because if you stick to even one resolution all year long, you deserve a digital high five because that is quite a feat!). While it is tempting to slide into 2014 with the same type of marketing plan and strategy you have had in the past, the start of a new year is the perfect time to up the ante and dive into the unknown – all for the sake of improving your business and laying the groundwork for a successful year.

I’ve compiled an overview of the {current} top online media platforms along with some of their pros and cons to help you THINK BIG for 2014 and hopefully guide the expansion of your current strategy.

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Planning for 2014: Why You Should Consider Bing Ads

<< by Heidi Kramer on November 4th, 2013

Around this time of year, a lot of our clients are planning their marketing budgets for 2014 and more often than not, we receive calls and emails inquiring about additional media platforms we would recommend they advertise on for their products and services. So if you’re like a lot of businesses towards the end of the year and you find yourself diving head first into updating, analyzing and brainstorming for 2014, don’t forget about Bing it on Planning for 2014: Why You Should Consider Bing Ads

I get it – you probably have a lot of money and time invested in Google AdWords, but don’t let your existing presence on AdWords stop you from exploring other options that can help you reach a different audience and expand your business. Bing Ads has been making big strides the last few years and recently announced their plans to make the platform even better. There are a number of reasons the “Bing It On” search engine has a lot going for it now and moving forward.

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Holiday Optimization for PPC: Prep & Strategy

<< by Heidi Kramer on October 8th, 2013

shopping online 430 Holiday Optimization for PPC: Prep & StrategyIt may seem a little early to be thinking about the holiday season. I know when I walk into a retail store at the beginning of October and they’re already showcasing holiday decorations that involve colorful turkeys and that jolly, rosy-cheeked gentleman that goes by the name Santa Claus, I want to scoff and walk away. However, I have to admit that I usually find myself perusing the aisles before moving on to what I actually walked in to the store for.

Based on a report by RSR Research, 28% of brands will start their holiday marketing on October 1st or earlier, and according to Bing, 22.1% of consumers start their holiday shopping in October. Online holiday sales are growing every year, and 2013 is no different. Don’t put off your online advertising like you do your gift shopping – get started today and prepare your PPC accounts for a stellar 2013 holiday season.

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Live at SMX East 2013: Improving Your Geographic Targeting Tactics On Google and Bing

<< by Scott Garrett on October 1st, 2013

Geographic targeting is a great feature of advertising platforms, as it allows you to better hit your target audience and helps you spend your advertising dollars more wisely. I have used geographic targeting on Google, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn to the great benefit of my clients. This panel at SMX East was about the finer points of geographic targeting in Google and Bing, and I was very excited to hear what they had to say. Below I will go into a short bio for each presenter and also the main talking points from their presentations.

pick 1 Live at SMX East 2013: Improving Your Geographic Targeting Tactics On Google and Bing

Kevin Lee, Didit CEO,  is an industry pioneer in Search Engine Marketing and Digital Marketing since 1995 and has authored hundreds of columns for many publications. His book Search Engine Advertising is a widely praised, hot seller. Current projects include application of “Big Data” to SEM and display campaigns, a “secret sauce” method of optimization. Below are his main points from the session:

  • Geo-intent is different than stationary location.
    • Not only in method of targeting, but also in the ability to change the user experience.
    • If you break out campaigns for geo-targeting then you should focus on:
      • Different ad language and landing pages for location-specific targeting
      • Geo-targeting is often the illusion of accuracy, accuracy is not precision
      • Geo-targeting only helps you increase the odds that the user is valuable to you, it does not guarantee it
  • Keywords tell you very little about the audience. Geography often predicts demographics and behavior of the searcher
    • Moving from a keyword  approach to an audience centric approach
    • Cherry pick keywords and use geo-targeting to increase the chances of showing in a higher position for non-branded keywords at a lower price

Sam Owen is a leading writer for PPC Hero, a speaker on International PPC and CRO and a paid search and display account manager at Hanapin Marketing. His clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 businesses and include ecommerce and lead generation. Below are his main points from the session:

  • You should calculate your geo cost per acquisition to determine if bids need to be adjusted by geographic location
  • Limit of 25% increases or decreases at a time per location. This blanket approach may harm some top performing keywords, therefore make sure you check their performance often.pick 2 Live at SMX East 2013: Improving Your Geographic Targeting Tactics On Google and Bing

Paul Corkery, is an SMB Operations Program Manager for Search Platform and Tools at Microsoft. He is responsible for representing the platform and tool needs of SMB advertisers to adCenter engineering partners. This includes support for customer experiences across adCenter Web, Desktop, API, and tools like Microsoft Advertising Intelligence (MAI). Below are his main points from the session:

  • Geographic targeting on Bing
    • Location Intent
      • Capture searchers who have signals of intent to do business in your targeted location
    • Targeted Area Only
      • Only targets users within the location
    • Time of day targeting is relative to the Searcher not the campaign
      • Can ensure you are targeting to user correctly no matter the time zone.
  • Signals for determining search location (reverse IP)
    • IP coverage/precision goes down as the location targeting gets smallerpick 3 Live at SMX East 2013: Improving Your Geographic Targeting Tactics On Google and Bing

Overall, this session gave a nice overview of the geo-targeting options offered by Adwords and Bing and some finer details on how to optimize your campaigns through geo-targeting.

How do you use geo-targeting in your campaigns? Comment below and follow me on Twitter @scottgarrett89. Also, follow the SMX East Conference this week on Twitter with the hashtags #SMX and #SMXEast!

Google Analytics: Tracking the Elusive Data of Bing Ads

<< by Heidi Kramer on August 16th, 2013

Bing Ads Google Analytics: Tracking the Elusive Data of Bing AdsIn digital marketing, Google and its advertising counterpart Google AdWords seem to rule the world. While a lot of the time that may be true, a fair amount of our clients also utilize Microsoft’s Bing Ads to gain additional leads and to ensure they aren’t putting all their eggs in Google’s proverbial basket.

It is great to advertise on Bing (or other media platforms for that matter) but it can be a challenge to get insightful data and reporting in Google Analytics. If you’re using Bing Ads for your pay-per-click advertising efforts, you may have realized that all of your Bing traffic in Google Analytics is lumped into the Bing organic report. Don’t worry: there is a way to gain more insight into your Bing performance (and any other non-Google ad platform performance) by simply implementing URL parameters.

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